Secret boards

A secret board is only visible to you and people you invite to it. When you add a Pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest—not in the category sections, search results, your followers’ home feed, your own home feed or even the Pins section of your profile.
Your secret boards are at the bottom of your profile. Just scroll down to see them. 
Learn more about:
Creating a secret board
Making a secret board public
Making existing Pins or boards secret
Inviting people to a secret group board
What happens when you Pin or like things on secret boards
You can create a new secret board from the bottom of your profile
  1. Click your name at the top of Pinterest then click Your Profile & Pins
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your profile
  3. Click Create a Secret Board
  4. The secret setting will already be set to Yes—this means your board is secret
  5. Choose a name and category for your board and click Create Board

Any time you're adding a new board, you can switch the secret setting to from No to Yes to make it a secret board. But you can't make an existing public board secret. 

If you don't invite anyone to your secret boards
  1. Only you can see your secret boards and Pins
  2. Only you can see comments you make on your secret Pins
  3. You won't see secret Pins on your home feed or in the Pins section of your profile—you have to go to your secret board to see its Pins 
  4. Followers can't see your secret Pins in their feeds
  5. People can't see your secret boards on your profile page
  6. People can only see the number of public boards, Pins and likes on your profile page
  7. Secret boards and secret Pins won't appear in public areas of Pinterest, such as search results, category feeds, etc.  

You can always make a secret board public (but you can't undo this!)
  1. Go to the board and click Edit
  2. Turn the secret setting from Yes to No
  3. Save Changes and confirm that you want to make the board public 
When a secret board is made public
  1. People who follow all your boards will be added as followers to your newly visible board
  2. People can see all of the board's Pins and can Pin, like or comment on them 
  3. Current Pins won't be added to the top of your followers' feeds, but any new Pins will
  4. Pins will show in search results, categories, etc. 

When a secret group board is made public

  1. People can see all the group Pinners and their comments on the board
  2. People can see the board on all the group Pinners' profiles and follow it

You can't edit a public board to make it secret. You can only create new secret boards.
Similarly, you can't edit an existing Pin to move it to a secret board—since public boards or Pins may already have Pins or likes, you can't make them secret.
You can Pin from a public board to a secret one. This is like creating a secret copy instead of moving the original Pin.

If you and another Pinner are following each other, you can invite them to a group board
  1. Go to your secret board and click Edit
  2. Enter the person's first and last name (or email address) under Who can add Pins?
  3. Click their name once it comes up
  4. Repeat for any other people you'd like to add
  5. Click Save Changes

What group Pinners can and can't do on a secret board

  1. Only the board creator can make the secret board public. No other person can change this setting.
  2. Invited Pinners can see the secret board and its Pins. 
  3. People who decline a secret board invite won't be able to see the board anymore. If they try to go to the board's URL, they'll see an error message. If they declined by mistake, the board creator should remove their invitation and invite them again.
  4. Invited Pinners can ask to invite other people to the board. Only the board creator can approve or remove invites.
  5. People who accept an invite can add and like Pins. They can also Pin things from the secret board to other boards, but these Pins and likes won't show information about the secret board or link back to the secret board.
  6. Group Pinners can't see each other’s secret Pins in their home feeds.

Note: The board creator can turn off the secret setting at any time without anyone's permission. If the board creator changes the secret setting of the board to visible, we'll send an email to everyone on the board.

You can Pin things to and from secret boards or like secret Pins using the same Pin It and Like buttons.
When you Pin or like from a secret board
  1. Secret Pins you like won't show on the Likes section of your profile—just go to the secret board to see what you've liked.
  2. If you Pin a secret Pin to another board, we won't show the board or person you Pinned it from. 
When you Pin to a secret board
  1. The original Pin won't show a +1 on the Pin count
  2. The original Pinner won't get a notification about the secret Pin, who added it or what board it was added to