Following and unfollowing

You can follow all of someone's boards or just the ones you like best. We'll show you Pins in your home feed from people and boards you follow. 
Learn how to:
Follow all of someone's boards
Follow a board
See what you're following or who's following you
Having trouble following?
Follow All means you'll see that person's Pins in your home feed and you'll automatically follow any new boards they create
  1. To follow all of a person's boards, click Follow All on their profile page
  2. If you change your mind, go back to their profile and click Unfollow All

When you follow a board, you'll see its newest Pins in your home feed

  1. To follow specific boards, click Follow at the bottom of the board
  2. If you change your mind, go back to the board and click Unfollow
Unfollowing a board prevents new Pins from showing in your home feed, but you might see old Pins for a while.

Check out the following section of your profile to see who and what you're following

  1. Click your name at the top of Pinterest then click Your Profile & Pins
  2. Click Followers to see who is following at least one of your boards
  3. Click Following to see who you're following 
You can unfollow people from this page too!

Your home feed includes Pins from Pinners and boards you're following as well as related Pins. Related Pins will say Related Pin under the image. Learn more about related Pins.
If you're seeing Pins in your home feed that you don't want to see anymore, check if you're following the Pinner
  1. Click the Pinner's name to go to their profile
  2. If the button on their profile says Unfollow All, you're following them
  3. Click Unfollow All to unfollow all of their boards
  4. Or click Unfollow under the boards you don't want to follow
Or check if you're following the board
  1. Click the board name
  2. If the button on the board says Unfollow, you're following it
  3. Click Unfollow
Note: When you follow a group board, you'll see Pins from anyone Pinning to that board, so it's common to see Pins from people you don't follow. 
If you're not following the Pinner or the board, it's possible our system didn't complete your unfollow. To fix this:
  1. Follow the Pinner or board
  2. Count to 10
  3. Unfollow the Pinner or board